Finial Capital's main objective is to take significant investment stakes in companies at various stages of their development. Finial Capital's two main investment types are Private Equity investments and Securities investments. These can comprise of direct or indirect investments.

Private Equity investments comprise of general private equity, real estate investments as well as venture capital. Some transactions are crossovers, as is the case with the Manotel Group where Finial Capital is the joint owner of the real estate and operating assets in the group as well as of a hotel management company, which together employ around 250 staff.

With regards to Securities investments these can consist of listed securities as well as OTC products, mostly in equities, commodity and currency markets. The company also seeks to hedge interest rate and currency exposure through the use of tailored securities.

Finial Capital is a strong believer in entrepreneurship and will often seek to nurture business relationships throughout the years with a view to generate follow-on transactions.