Life Sciences

When contemplating life sciences investments, Finial Capital aims to be far more than just a provider of financing seeking a return. The aim is to accompany innovations from the drawing board to the market, from inspiration to commercialization, and from ideas to cures, across various direct and indirect investments.

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Improving the Success Rate of Assisted Reproduction

Finial Capital is a strategic investor in a life science company focused on the development and commercialization of new technologies in the field of Assisted Reproductive Technologies (ART). The company's goal is to improve the overall quality of care in ART by enabling the use of more physiologic and natural processes.

  • The company's products aim to restore the fertilization and early development of the embryo to the natural environment of the maternal womb
  • This technology enables the embryos to start their life in close communication with the maternal environment
  • This is expected to increase the number of high-quality embryos and improve the success rate of the assisted reproductive cycle, therefore decreasing its overall cost as well
  • Sales and Marketing of the technology has begun in close collaboration with international experts in the field, with the goal of improving the experience of assisted reproduction for patients around the world

Finial Capital acquired its stake during the company's early stages and has been a long-term supporter of its growth ever since. Finial Capital is therefore more than just a provider of financing looking for a return. It is a partner focused on creating genuine value with a revolutionary concept that helps solve couples' infertility issues.