Finial Capital has a strong interest in real estate, with a focus on hospitality asset ownership and management. Finial seeks to leverage almost 47 years of real estate investment experience to source, execute and actively manage its investments.

  • Finial Capital invests as 100% owner or through joint-ventures
  • Access to significant proprietary capital
  • Wide geographic range, with a focus on Western Europe
  • Finial Capital's team has extensive experience in private equity real estate, across various sub sectors such as hospitality, office and residential investments
  • Active asset management strategies, for example several large scale asset refurbishments completed
  • Finial Capital has also invested in various real estate funds
  • Privileged banking relationships enable continued access to financing

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Manotel Group: High-quality Three and Four-star Hotels in Geneva

Manotel Group owns and operates six high-quality, market-leading hotels in central Geneva. The hotels offer a total of 610 rooms and comprise of three 3-star hotels and three 4-star hotels, all recently renovated and located in the heart of the city, between the lake, the main train station and the United Nations. Below are further details on Manotel Group:

  • The hotels comprise of 610 rooms, three restaurants, three bars, multiple conference facilities, three fitness centres
  • The hotels are diversified across market segments, covering two star ratings (3 three-star hotels and 3 four-star hotels) and encompassing a range of styles, from modern chic through to tourist-oriented Swiss Alpine
  • Manotel extensively renovated all the hotels since the early 2000s. The quality of the renovations achieved is very high and Manotel Group focuses on providing "4 or 5 star" quality accommodation but without the full services necessary to gain such a star rating
  • Manotel represents around 15% of the combined 3- and 4-star Geneva city hotel market
  • The hotels are internally managed and branded by Manotel Group
  • Manotel has historically performed strongly, maintaining revenue and GOP growth over the long-term.

Finial Capital is the group's historical shareholder and has strived over the past 42 years to continually improve the group's offering quality and performance. To achieve this, Finial Capital implemented a long-term active asset management plan which comprised of the sale of non-core assets and the subsequent CHF 125 million refurbishment plan of the remaining six assets. In 2007, Finial brought in a strategic joint-venture partner to bolster its revenue management expertise and prepare the group's expansion.

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